The plug valves manufactured by Serck Audco have three unique technical features compared to other makes of plug valves. These three technical features brings added value.

Emergency Stem Packing.

In case of an external leakage from the stem area the Emergency Stem Packing makes it possible for the operator to inject stem sealing compound into the stem area and thereby giving assured sealing to atmosphere. It can be carried out safely under full line pressure. No need for decompressing the entire pipeline for removing a stem leak.

Protected Pressure Balancing - a Flowserve patent.

In addition to the normal pressure balancing system on the valves from Serck Audco all the DB&B valves have an extra feature called Protected Pressure Balancing. The balancing hole is protected by not being exposed to the line media in the plug port, providing added security compared with the normal pressure balancing.

Super-LoMu Treatment.

Super-LoMu on a plug ensures reduced friction, low consistent torque and resistance to seizure. It is a PTFE based treatment, but has other components which account for its extreme durability. The below photograph shows the difference after 20,000 cycles between a Super-LoMu treated plug (left) and a plug treated only with PTFE (right).