A plug valve is a quarter turn, on/off valve, which is widely used within the oil & gas industry due to its reliability in many applications. Serck Audco produce different plug valves: a single plug valve called Super-H and two versions of double block & bleed valves Double Isolation Plug Valve (DIPV) and Twin Plug.

Many customers appreciate the minimal complexity of the mechanics in the plug valve: a body, a cover, a stem, an equalizer ring, a plug and some minor parts. This minimizes the risk for mechanical failure inside the valve, which is important considering the typically severe conditions a plug valve has to deal with.

The big sealing area of the plug makes the plug valve ideal in places, where line media contains particles - if damage on the seating area occurs it is seldom on the complete surface and the valve can therefore often after lubrication be sealed anyway.

The sealing face of the plug is in the open position 100% protected by the body. On applications where particles and scaling is a problem many customers typically use a plug valve. This minimises the total life cost

Since there are few and then small cavities the risk for sediment build up is little compared to other type of valves.