The OmniSeal DB&B Expanding Plug Valve has three important technical features compared to other makes of expanding plug valves. These three technical features brings added value.

Inverted Trunion

OmniSeal has an inverted trunion where the lower trunion projects up as a part of the bottom cover and goes into the plug itself. The plug has a trunion pocket that goes all the way through the plug. This design eliminates the trapped area where dirt and debris could collect and prevent proper operation of the valve.

Body Bleed

OmniSeal body bleed is only mounted on the body and not, as seen on other makes, also on the top cover. This feature makes it very easy if you have to change the slip-seals - you do not have to dismount the bleed system from the top cover, but can easily remove either the bottom or top cover.


OmniSeal has an integrated Beacon on top of the valve for reading the position of the valve on distance. This is standard on all gear operated valves. The cap has vents.