OmniSeal expanding plug valves are ideal for applications that require positive shut-off, verifiable zero leakage and double block and bleed (DBB) capability. Some of the more common applications include:
Blending Units
Accurate blending of ethanol or other regional fuel grades requires valves with exceptionally high seal integrity to ensure accurate measurement of additives and blending stocks. The OmniSeal® DBB is specifically designed for applications of this type.
Product Isolation
Secure isolation of Biofuels or other process-sensitive fluids is critical for environmental and process safety. The OmniSeal® DBB’s verifiable zero leakage and positive shutoff capabilities make it an ideal solution for isolation and process-sensitive applications.
Multi-Product Manifolds
Pipeline, refinery and transfer manifolds need to flow multiple products (e.g. diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, blending stocks, etc.) reliably and without contamination. The OmniSeal® DBB is an effective tool for preventing product cross-contamination.
Prover Loops
Proper calibration of flow meters requires that every valve in the prover loop system must have a zero leak rate. Any leak could mean an error in calibration. OmniSeal® DBB valves are used to ensure leak tight closure and accurate calibration.
Custody Transfer Units
Transfer of valuable media relies on accurate measurement of product transfer quantity. The OmniSeal® DBB provides positive shutoff and zero leak rate, thereby ensuring accurate calculation of transfer quantity.
Offshore Platforms
Valve leakage on an offshore platform can result in damage to equipment and the environment. The OmniSeal® DBB has excellent low pressure positive shutoff characteristics and is a great choice for use on offshore platforms.
Terminals used for loading and unloading tankers require valves with positive sealing in order to prevent environmental damage due to spillage. The OmniSeal® DBB provides positive sealing and zero leak rate in a reliable single valve solution.
Tank Farms (Oil Depots)
Tank isolation valves, which are operated frequently, require zero leak rate and a high degree of reliability. The OmniSeal® DBB valve provides a reliable high integrity seal designed for frequent and longterm use.
Aviation Fueling Systems
Airport fueling systems require valves that close quickly and have verifiable seal integrity. This allows for quick maintenance, repair, leak location and testing. The OmniSeal® DBB valve’s verifiable zero leak rate ensures that maintenance, repair, leak location and hydrant testing can be done safely and quickly.