Double Isolation Plug Valve or DIPV is a DB&B plug valve with one of the plugs inverted 180. This design has some features, which make it first choice when there is a need for pneumatic or spring return actuation of both plugs. It enables both the actuators to be in line with the piping and thereby make this design the overall most compact design.

The DIPV is produced in sizes up to 36" in pressure class 150# - 2500#.

Below in Fig. 1 a DIPV with actuation on one plug and gear on the second plug. Fig. 2 shows a DIPV with the hand wheels on the same side of the valve.


                   Fig. 1                                    Fig. 2

Serck Audco is the only manufacture giving the customers the possibility for choosing between either the DIPV or the Twin Plug design.